Natural gas is the cleanest burning commercially available alternative fuel today. Its use as a transportation fuel is improving the air quality and the health of communities across the country.

The U.S. imports more than 47% of the oil it uses. Every gallon of natural gas used is one less gallon of petroleum that has to be imported.

The U.S. is the largest natural gas producer in the world. Reserves are estimated to be twice that of petroleum—more than 100 years.

Natural gas costs, on average, over one-third less than gasoline at the pump. Depending on the market, that savings can be $1.50 or more per gasoline gallon equivalent.

It’s time community, industry, and elected leaders work together to protect Idaho’s air quality and reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign fuel, in a way that makes sense for Idaho businesses.

Our Mission:

The Idaho Natural Gas Vehicle Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the understanding and use of natural gas (in its various forms) as a vehicle fuel in our state.